Mile 27 Mattress

Mile 27 Single Small Double Double King Superking
1000 Pocket £525 £685 £705 £745 £865
1500 Pocket £545 £705 £735 £815 £925
2000 Pocket £585 £765 £795 £865 £985
Full Foam £505 £705 £705 £765 £875


If you lead an active life then you should enjoy all of the benefits which come with that lifestyle. Fitness, energy, experiences and good health.


In order to enjoy these benefits however your body needs to recover when you rest, and a few hours of intermittent sleep will not do the job.


For your body to recover and become fitter and stronger you need to spend as long as possible every night in recuperative, Stage 3 Deep Sleep.

A key component of successful sleep and recovery is your mattress.


Your mattress must be Pressure Relieving – It needs to disperse the pressure points which cause aches and pains during the night, breaking your sleeping cycle and reducing the time spent in Stage 3 Deep Sleep.


Your mattress must be responsive – It needs to contour and adapt to your body shape and to your sleeping position in order to ensure a health sleeping posture and to support the full length of your body.


Allow me to introduce Mile 27 Active Recovery mattress for active people.

It has a Pure Gel Advance sleeping surface which is

~ Soft to accommodate to preferred sleeping position

~ Pressure relieving to avoid aches and pains and allow a deeper recuperative sleep


It has a support system which has individually pocketed springs to make it

~ Completely responsive to your individual body shape

~ Supportive of all of the “curves and bumps” in your specific physique


Crucially the mattress will be made to your order IN A CHOICE OF 3 DIFFERENT FIRMNESS LEVELS to suit your personal sleeping preference.

Medium Firm – luxurious but supportive. 1000 individually supportive pocketed springs

Comfort Firm – A firmer feel for those that prefer it. 1500 individually supportive pocketed springs

Firm – If you sleep better on a firmer mattress or if you are heavier than “average” then this may be perfect. 2000 individually supportive pocketed springs

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