Kingston Zero Gravity mattress

• 1000 Individually pocketed springs
• Fully encapsulated spring unit
Zero Gravity technology
• 27cm Deep
• Tufted finish
• Medium/Plush feel

  • The 4 way stretch fabric allows sleepers to enjoy the full Zero Gravity experience


Zero Gravity is a man-made product which has been developed to produce the most comfortable and durable mattresses sleeping surface on the Planet.

The key feature of a Zero Gravity mattress is that it is pressure relieving. As we lie in the same position while we sleep on a conventional mattress, we develop pressure points which become uncomfortable, so we move position numerous times during then night to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Zero Gravity is specifically designed to substantially reduce these uncomfortable pressure points by dispersing the pressure over a much wider surface area.
The result is less pressure points, less discomfort, less tossing and turning, a more restful and deeper sleep.

The effects are enjoyed during all your waking hours as you feel refreshed and alert.




Kingston Single Small Double Double King Superking
Mattress £496 £599 £599 £739 £966
Divan set £653 £797 £797 £957 £1,085
Add 2 drawers £120 £120 £120 £120 £120
Side ottoman set £944 £1,180 £1,180 £1,379 £1,795
End ottoman set £976 £1,245 £1,245 £1,443 £1,856