Zero Gravity

Quite simply a sleeping surface which is unique and unrivalled; a feeling of weightlessness Zero Gravity foam technology is patented by Highgate Beds and is used in the luxury ranges to create a plush and luxurious feel to the top quality mattresses. Zero Gravity has been designed to significantly reduce the pressure points created between the body and a mattress by dispersing the pressure over a wider area. This virtual removal of pressure points means that there will be almost no tossing and turning during the night and therefore a far more restful sleep can be enjoyed. Sleep deeper for longer.“The longer a person can stay in the cycle of sleep known as Stage 3 non-REM sleep the more refreshed they will feel and the more their body and mind will recuperate from the rigours and stresses of their activities.”The “open cell” structure that is used in the manufacture of Zero Gravity means that it does not retain heat, it allows a clear airflow through the sleeping area and regulates the sleeper’s body temperature – a critical component of an uninterrupted night sleep.

Zero Gravity ⇒ Luxury Feel ⇒ Reduced Pressure Points ⇒ Reduced Tossing & Turning  ⇒ Temperature regulation ⇒ Longer “Stage 3” Sleep ⇒ Mind & Body Freshness

2nd Generation Zero Gravity

There may be only one sleeping surface which is more pressure relieving than Zero Gravity – and that is the new concept of 2ND Generation Zero Gravity technology; The only product in the Domestic sleeping market which is classified as “Medical Grade.”
For an open cell foam structure to give “medical grade” pressure relief it must be soft and plush. But for a foam structure to be durable it must be dense.
Welcome to the new world of 2ND Generation Zero Gravity – plush and luxurious enough to be the market leader in pressure-reducing sleep technology. Dense enough to carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

~ZG2 – 46% reduction in pressure points compared to a normal sprung mattress

Foam Encapsulated Springs.

Imaging if you couldn’t sleep on the last 3” of your King Size mattress because the edge would give way and you would fall out. Your King Size bed would now only be a double size. So what is the best way to support the edge of a mattress to make sure that you can use the entire sleeping surface?
By far the best way is to encapsulate the springs with a high-density foam structure – your mattress will last longer and every time that you sleep on it you can sleep on all of it.

There is a great selection of encapsulated mattresses in the Highgate and Healthopaedic ranges – check out the specification and price PDF’s for more information.

The Best Pocketed Springs on the Market

The spring system is the backbone of any mattress – That’s what determines the degree of support that a mattress will provide for the user.For this reason Highgate Beds select only the very best pocketed spring units from the best factories in the world. The first requirement is that the springs are twice tempered. Tempering is a process that the formed springs are put through which involves heating the steel to a critical point so that it becomes toughened but not brittle. The outcome is springs which are

Supportive ⇒ Consistent in fee ⇒ Resilient to flattening ⇒ Durable for longer life

Highgate springs are sourced from the UK and from Europe and are manufactured to the very highest quality standards using steel from the best mills throughout the world. There is no compromise.A relatively new development in the mattress industry is the introduction of “mini” or “tablet” pocketed springs which are 2 turn versions of a normal size spring. They are used to replace or to add to comfort layers as opposed to creating additional support which in turn creates a luxury layer which is extremely resilient and will never flatten or lose it’s shape. Mini springs are an exciting inclusion within pillow topped mattresses adding depth and a “bounce back” feel which many people prefer to traditional fillings.

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